Adolf Hitler had ambitious plan to build a road between the two German cities – Frankfurt am Main and Darmstadt. The ceremony for the beginning of construction in September 1933.

Quite a comfortable place to stay in a submarine «Protector», 1902

The fuel tank of the American bomber B-24H Liberator exploded over Germany after hit of anti-aircraft missile, 1944

American Indians, 1912

Construction of the Sydney Opera House, 1966

German prisoners of war in disgust watching video footage taken in the German concentration camps, 1945

June 1915, Gallipoli: Anzac two (soldiers joint Australian and New Zealand Army Expeditionary Force during World War II) captured disguised as a tree Turkish sniper.

Chicago, 1948: desperate to get out of poverty and hunger, parents sell their children. The inscription reads: “Sale of four children, for details inquire within”

Two childhood friends unexpectedly met “on different sides of the barricades” during a demonstration in 1972

The surviving passengers of “Titanic” climb aboard the Carpathia, 1912

Funeral at sea, on board the USS ” Lexington “, 1944

The crowd runs through the gates of Disneyland on its opening day, 1955

Future Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush at a barbecue at the Alabama Governor George Wallace, 1983

Anastasia with her father, Tsar Nicholas II two years before the murder, 1914

Soldiers comfort each other during the Korean War, the beginning of the 1950s

George Bush is playing rugby for a team at Yale University, 1946

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows his muscles, 1970

Construction of the Hoover Dam, 1934