Most of the women are willing to spend huge amounts of money trying to hide or get rid of bags under the eyes, but not the Koreans. They resort to cosmetic procedures to get a baggy lower eyelids.

The folds of skin on the lower eyelid or bags under the eyes tell others that people had not enough sleep, or have used an excessive amount of water or alcohol. In any case, no one drooping eyelids add attraction. But contrary to popular belief, the Korean fashion trend to adjust the lower eyelid is gaining popularity.

Koreans have come up with a way to create the illusion of a joyful face. There are a few ways to achieve the appearance of the coveted bags.

The first, and perhaps the most popular way is plastic surgery, during which the surgeon inserts the implant under the skin or enters fillers.

For Korean women who want to follow fashion, but are afraid of the consequences of plastics, there is less radical procedure, which consists in gluing small strips of solid color under the skin of the lower eyelid.