Relentless struggle with the death last since the beginning of civilization. Scientists have searched for practical ways to delay its onset or to breathe life into a dead body. Philosophers have tried to reconcile man with the idea that he is mortal. Religious leaders have promised an afterlife or reincarnation.

Despite the fact that today the resurrection is still considered to be something fantastic, many scientists agree that sooner or later people will reveal the secret of immortality, but also learn how to return the dead. The most optimistic forecasts in this respect are related, of course, with the latest trends in science and technology. Modern Frankenstein, however, inhibits the ethical side of the issue: do not know what monsters are obtained as a result of their manipulation.
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Several years ago, students of the Royal College of Art in London, Georg Tremmel and Shiho Fukuhara proposed to replace the trees with tombstones embedded in the DNA of dead people. For the experiment came to a tree of any breed, but young scientists chose the apple tree – a symbol of fertility. Moreover, they do not exclude the possibility that the introduced DNA will be suitable for further cloning of the deceased.

Project biopresence created a furore. Organization NESTA, which specializes in supporting innovative projects in science, technology and art, contributed to his realization € 35 000. But it soon became clear that it would require much more money. The Advisory Committee on releases into the environment ACRE said that every tree, grown on the technology Tremmelya and Fukuhara, will require careful checking and costly: the representatives of the Committee were to make sure that the plants are completely safe for the environment.
Another difficulty was that the creation of such tree costs more than € 30 000 and took about six months. That’s how much time and money required to take the scraping from the inside of the cheeks human isolate a DNA sample and put it in apple seed and seedling grown in the laboratory, which subsequently take root in the soil. While the flurry of orders for Tremmelya and Fukuhara not showered and the project was suspended, research in this area are continuing.

Cryogenic freezing
Considered the father of modern cryonics Robert Ettinger – American physicist and mathematician, amateur science fiction. Releasing in 1962 the book “The prospects of immortality,” he gave to mankind the hope of eternal life. Which trusts itself after the death July 23, 2011, Robert Ettinger’s body was frozen.
The main purpose of cryonics – to keep the human body until the time when medicine will be able to restore all the functions of the body, including to get rid of damage that eventually was brought about his death. In most cases we are talking about so-called nanotechnology. Long-term preservation of the body is possible due to the fact that extremely low temperatures occurring in it suspends the chemical processes including the decomposition process.

In the U.S. there are two major non-profit organization specializing in research in the field of cryonics: “Alcor” (Scottsdale, AZ) and the Cryonics Institute (Clinton Township, Michigan).There are waiting for the resurrection of about one hundred patients. The cost of freezing ranges from $ 50 000 to $ 250 000, and you can keep the body entirely, and only the brain. Russian organization “KrioRus’ provides its services for more modest price – $ 10 000-30 000.

Create a superman
Strategic social movement “Russia-2045” took upon itself to draw up a plan of human evolution in the third millennium. The movement expressed much bolder forecasts than followers of Darwinism, and suggest that by 2045 humanity will gain immortality, if it is to adhere strictly to schedule projects.
According to this schedule, 2015 should see the first instance of the avatar – a robot that will be managed by means of signals sent by the brain and nervous system. In 2020 to be held the first successful experiment to transplant the brain into an artificial body, and in 2030 will be an artificial brain. At this rate, by 2045 people will learn to move in the body-consciousness hologram. In this new person will be endowed with supernatural abilities next – for example, can tolerate the radiation exposure and high temperatures.
Community members, some of whom are doctors of physical and mathematical and biological sciences, does not deny the fact that the forecast may seem overly optimistic. However, the preconditions for the implementation of a bold plan, of course. The main thing – to change the scientific paradigm, because the primary function of science – not the satisfaction of consumer needs of society, and an ambitious task of creating a superman.
By the way, Hollywood actor Steven Seagal has decided to join the movement “Russia-2045” and become the representative of its interests in the United States.

DNA bank
At the moment there is not registered a single case of human cloning. Progress in this area to stop a number of factors, from technological complexities and ending with moral and ethical contradictions. In some countries, human cloning altogether is prohibited by law. It’s not just about reproductive cloning (when the new individual receives the same rights and duties as ordinary people), but also on the therapeutic (when the cloned embryo is used to produce stem cells). In Russia, a similar law was passed in 2002, and in 2010 – its action is prolonged.
But developments in the field of human cloning do not stop, and it is possible that sooner or later the day will come when all the restrictions will be lifted. In order to be able to live up to this day, you need to take a DNA sample to the appropriate repository. It should be noted that modern DNA banks usually do not offer their services is to further cloning – because all of the same social, political and scientific controversy.
Swiss DNA bank for $ 399 shall always be stored in a special shelter not only the DNA of its customers, but also gigabytes any information they want to leave behind – from scanned documents to family photos. Additional two gigabytes will cost another $ 199, four – $ 299.

Download consciousness
In July 2005, started the Blue Brain Project, in which specialists, IBM and the Swiss Federal Technical Institute in Lausanne have joined together to create a virtual human brain based on next-generation supercomputer. While still their plans include a reproduction of the structure of the body (which in itself is an extremely complex and hard work), not consciousness, virtual brain in the future can become the basis for the so-called technology downloads consciousness. Its essence consists in the transfer of the human mind on a computer or other media by scanning and mapping the brain.
Investigate the issue of resettlement of consciousness involved in science settleretika (from the English settler – Boomer). Before her first task is to understand how to read information, and then – how to transfer it to the media.
It is assumed that the optimal scheme of “resettlement” looks like. With age, as the dying, natural neurons in the brain will be replaced by backups, united in neurocomputer, and the time of death of the original backup brain will already be completely ensure all its functions. Obviously, the main obstacle to a sophisticated device is the brain, the number of neurons in billions.

Artificial intelligence
One of the most simple, clear and relevant ways to resurrect the deceased was voiced by Pierce Blodinym, author of the portal Weekly World News. He suggested combining artificial intelligence with the consequences of the Internet boom.
According to him, you must create a program aimed for gathering information, left dead in the social networks, forums, online diaries. It is not excluded that the basis for such a program will be based on the scripts used by hackers to access to classified materials. A lot of electronic agents will go in search of information about a person, then to deliver it to a central repository, where you will create an intellectual portrait of the deceased – or artificial intelligence, which has the features a particular person.
Major role in how successful will implement this plan, is the degree of openness of the deceased. Indeed, some shared with virtual friends minutest detail of their lives, while others remain secretive on the web or simply lying.

Sensory suit
The project to create a touch of Russian costume belongs to the participants transhumanistic movement, convinced that modern man – only the first stage of the evolution of homo sapiens. Touch-suit – a set of devices for recording and storing of information that gets people every day through the senses, and the position of conscious reactions. It is assumed that these amounts of information (Infotech) will be recorded on digital media, where they can be kept forever. The next step – creating neurocomputer, which reproduces the process of obtaining information and the person’s reaction to it, that is, reconstructing identity. The resulting neurochips placed in an artificial body, which henceforth will be a carrier of consciousness of the deceased.
Touch costume can also be used to optimize the storage and memory recovery after freezing. Participants are already attempting to implement the project: some people are a continuous audio with special ustroys TV.