Centenary Coca-Cola, chewing gum from 1946, before the war popcorn and other edible items.

While some people are going crazy for clean food and seek out commercially grown in the eco-farm lettuce and milk from the village cows, others scour auctions and online stores in search of food, whose age has long crossed the boundaries of any conceivable date. Not so long ago, for example, a piece of wedding cake of Princess Diana and Prince Charles was sold for $ 380, 30 years had lain in a plastic container in a New Zealand.
While some researchers argue by example that the canned food and other products of a century ago are quite suitable for food,it is not worth to try it. However, it can be a wonderful subject for collecting.
7 products and beverages, issued more than 50 years ago, you can buy.

Scion Port 1855 (£ 2042)

The company Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman, which is one of the most famous manufacturers in the world of port, made a gift to all lovers of rare alcohol. In February in New York hosted the tasting of rare port Scion sesquicentennial extracts, and in March 1400 bottles of the rare drink are on sale.
In the period from 1864 to 1890 almost all the French vineyards were destroyed by vine aphids – phylloxera. Therefore, all the wines produced up to that time, now have a huge collection value. The legend associated with port wine Scion says that the family Duoro preserved for decades in their cellars stock of this rare wine for themselves, and only one barrel was sold to Winston Churchill.
In 2009, after the death of the last Duoro, the stock of wine went to the house Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman. Initially, Scion was supposed to mix with the wines of forty excerpts, but port wine barrel is so well preserved that they gave up the idea. Experts say that its excellent quality is because a place of storage : all the years it spent high above the floor next to the cold stone wall. In Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman are sure that even though the high price of £ 2042,it will be sold very fast.

Coca-Cola from 1912 ($ 99.95)

As you know, Coca-Cola was invented in America 125 years ago: first, it was sold only in pharmacies and only on tap, and in 1899 built the first factory for the production of bottled cola. Today,many collectors want to get an old bottle of the famous drink . Especially because Coca-Cola, as experience shows, can be stored for decades – not breathing and without losing its flavor.
One of the most rare instances are those bottles that were released before 1916: the date when it became the original bottle “with a waist “, which today stands in a row correctly competitors (by the way, the idea of bottle design gave the then fashion: women wore skirts Godet interception below the waist, and these proportions were chosen in the company Coca-Cola).
And just a bottle of 1912 release recently was put up for sale in california shop Cola Corner. Opened in 1987, fans of these brands, today the store offers more than 900 original products with the symbol of Coca-Cola.

Heinz baby food 1930 ($ 20)

Brand Heinz is associated with the production of the world-famous ketchup. But in addition to this brand, founded by Henry Heinz over 100 years ago, produced and canned beans, and mince, and apple jam, and baby food, and even cat food.
The first food for babies from Heinz was presented to the public on the New York World Exhibition of 1939. Since that time, unopened jar of baby puree from Heinz was kept in the family residence in the U.S. state of Minnesota: jar remained intact. And now rarity baby food is exposed for sale on eBay.
By the way, immediately after appearance on the market children’s products from Heinz gained popularity among American mothers and became one of the most purchased in the USA: promotional posters of a smiling rosy-cheeked baby promised to gullible parents who have bought puree from Heinz, that their children will be as healthy and happy.

Luzianne coffee in 1938 ($ 150)

For millions of people around the world morning begins with a cup of coffee. But few can boast that thay had for drink , whose age is over 70 years.
Recently, an online store of vintage items has for sale instant coffee Luzianne 1938. As is known, the demand for coffee at the end of the XIX century began to grow rapidly. In 1902 American entrepreneur William Reilly founded the company in New Orleans Reily Foods, and began producing coffee Luzianne,which quickly became the most popular in the southern United States.
However, the taste offered for sale 73-year old coffee connoisseurs today may seem unusual. But not because the product has deteriorated, and because of the added chicory in it. Early in last century, adding to the organic coffee chicory was a common practice: he gave the drink peppery taste, as well as improved flavor and color. Incidentally, the bank Luzianne still preserved label manufacturer with a promise to return money to all customers who are not satisfied with the taste of the product. Does this offer today and how much you can get,is not specified.

Topps chewing gum in 1946 ($ 350)

In 1938 in America was founded The Topps Company, famous for the fact that it first began producing baseball cards and comic inserts, which can be found inside packages of chewing gum.
And recently on eBay was put a whole box of gum of this famous brand (although today the price is hundreds of times higher than nominal). The current owner of the gum collected over the years, and even boasts the presence of different flavors, such as the classic mint or cinnamon. Exposed to auction the entire collection.

Generations Glenlivet whiskey in 1940 (£ 13 000)

Seventy years ago, in 1940, in the family vault of the family Urquhart – descendants of Scotch producers – was laid down a barrel of whiskey Glenlivet. Several generations later, in March 2011, a barrel of whiskey was seventy solemnly opened in Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.
Now one of the world’s oldest whiskey fortress 45.9 degrees decided to sell limited edition consisting of only 100 bottles volume of 700 milliliters. Made by hand in crystal bottles with silver caps resemble the tears and the cases to which they are packed, carved from Scottish elm.
Incidentally, the first bottle of this rare beverage was sold on March 29 held a charity auction to raise funds for victims of earthquake in Japan . The buyer, who wished to remain anonymous, paid for a bottle of Generations Glenlivet £ 15 000. The retail price of the remaining 99 bottles – £ 13 000.

Popcorn «Jolly Time» 1946 ($ 110)

In 1885, the U.S. has invented the first machine for the production of popcorn, and since then the popularity of popcorn among Americans grew day by day. In 1914, American Popcorn Company was the first major manufacturer of a new product, and will soon appear on the shelves of U.S. markets – Jolly Time. Later, in 1925, American Popcorn Company adopted an innovative solution for the time – popcorn packaging in cans, which can significantly increase the shelf life of the product.
Save the high quality of the contents of these banks have managed so well that some without any loss of quality have survived until our days. One of these jars of Jolly Time popcorn is now displayed on eBay. And if a future owner wants to make his popcorn, he can take half a century old recipes that have been written on the reverse side of the banks. By the way, there is shown and the original price of the goods: in 1946, Jolly Time popcorn could be bought for 21 cents.