Modern people are spoiled by tons of various inventions, the number of which increases with each passing day. Today, computers are the size of the palm, and just ten years ago we would have had to carry it in a trolley. The inventors did their best to try to make this world a better place, simplifying the life of a person, making it more comfortable. However, not all of their inventions have taken their place in the real world, because to many seemed just crazy, despite the fact that some of them are quite brilliant. We suggest you look at the 20 inventions of the past, combining genius and ingenuity.

Tea on the dashboard

Also it can be used to heat water, which means you can cook egg in the car or shave. Brilliant idea, if you’re kicked out of the house, and you are forced to live in car

Sunbeds with a hole for the head

You do not like this? Then lay face down in deckchair and keep uncomfortable sunbathing on

Cages for children, attached outside the window

Breathe fresh smog, son!

Soup fan

No doubt a great invention, if not to take into account the fact that the propeller can hit you on the cheek or tongue.

Brush for bald men

Your bald head needs to be clean brushed also

Bike on jet thrust

That’s because all men like speed ..

Transparent boat

Very comfortable, if you want to see mermaids

Vibrating bra

The photo was taken in 1971 during a demonstration of the invention. Vibrating bra was designed to strengthen the female bust.

Nicotine addicts this is for you

We would not recommend this to anyone

Glowing tires

In 1961, Goodyear introduced the world glowing tires. Casings were made from a single piece of rubber, and the inside of the wheel rim powerful lamps were placed.

Tip hand

You work in the service industry, and ashamed to ask for a tip? This invention is clearly for you!


Robert Kurter during the test of jetpack in 1969. Unfortunately, this gadget is still not ready even today

Comfortable mower

Invented in 1957, this mower has a soft armchairs, lamps, radio telephone, air conditioning and even a beverage cooling system. The idea has not caught on, probably because people could not decide do they want to mow or relax


If you have this you can sit where ever you want


Monocycles peak of popularity came in the 1930s. Then, many have argued that the invention will be serious competition for the automotive industry. However, poor handling, poor visibility, and imbalance did their job

Automatic spaghetti fork

These were invented in 1968, but it is much bigger pleasure to roll you own bite!

Chairs, turning into a hammock


Pipe for two

It is wildly inconvenient

Outdoor tanning dispensers

Invented in 1949, this device provides customers with a stream of tanning for 30 seconds for only 10 cents

Bomb shelter

During the period of the Iron Curtain, the Americans began seriously to fear a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union, so the air-raid shelters scattered like hot cakes. This one is designed for 12 people, and could withstand a 20-megaton nuclear bomb.