According to Coast program on the BBC, the ideal ratio for building sand castles – eight parts dry sand to one part water. Sand sculptures are very short-lived, as the basic building ingredients are sand and water.

Sandy Coliseum. Festival of Sculpture Sondervinge, Denmark, 2011

British Columbia, World Championship of Sand Sculpture making “Dragon”

Port Aransas, Texas

Dinosaurs. Competition in Victoria, Australia

Leonardo Da Vinci

Sand Sculpture Festival in Blankenberge.



Sandy angel

The eagle and the Statue of Liberty


European Sand Sculpture Festival, 2008

Chess players. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The sandy track, “The Art of Motion Control.” Festival in San Mateo, CA

Sand Sculpture Festival in Denmark

Sand Sculpture Festival in Frankfurt, Germany.

Japanese Sand Sculpture Festival 2011

Windmills of Kinderdijk and sand sculpture