On Monday, the FBI released its annual crime statistics in the United States. This year the most dangerous city is Chicago, Illinois, outpacing with the number of murders, even the largest metropolis of the country – New York City. Moreover, in contrast to the “Big Apple”, the crime rate is increasing.

Chicago, Illinois.
In the city, especially from the famous mafia since prohibition, is restless today: in 2012 there were 500 murders committed, with a population of 2.7 million people.

New York, NY.
419 murders per 8,300,000 population. In total for the year in the largest metropolis of America was committed 53,000 violent crimes and 143,000 property crimes.

Detroit, Michigan.
386 murders per 707,000 population.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia in Greek means “brotherly love.” 331 killing per 1.5 million people.

Los Angeles, California.
The city where dreams come true. Unfortunately, not for everyone … 299 murders and 936 rapes per 3.8 million people.

Baltimore, Maryland.
Once the port of Baltimore was the second major center of arrival of immigrants in the United States. It is difficult to say whether this fact affects the current state of crime in the city, so here’s a dry figures: 218 murders per 625,000 population.

Houston, Texas.
“Houston, we have a problem!”: 217 kills per 2.2 million people.

New Orleans, Louisiana
The most sparsely populated city in our list. After Hurricane Katrina swept over New Orleans in 2005 and flooded the city, the population decreased by almost half. But the crime only grows 193 murders per only 363,000 people.

Dallas, Texas.
The ninth most populous city in the United States and the ninth in our list, with 154 killings per 1.2 million inhabitants.

Memphis, Tennessee.
The birthplace of the blues, birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll and the death of its king, unfortunately, can not boast of security: 133 murders per 657,000 population.