Here is a list that includes the most expensive works of the famous street artists of our time. Largely due to their street art they now enjoy wide popularity in Europe and the U.S.

Banksy «Keep It Spotless» (2007) Price: $ 1,870,000 Sold in 2008 (Sotheby’s)

Chaz Bohórquez «Señor Suerte» ( 1979 )
Price $ 50,000
Sold in October 2012
Chaz Bohórquez – American artist from Los Angeles , one of the “veterans” of street art. He was born in 1949 and received a serious academic education . Bohórquez studied sculpture and ceramics in Guadalajara (Mexico ) , and then studied architecture and mathematics at a local university. In 1969, he joined the art school Cal Arts School and began studying calligraphy with Master Yun Chung Chang .

Graffiti, which was influenced by Mexican culture and calligraphy skills , he began to make to order 1969 , and in 1986 became interested and illegal street art . His work can be found in 35 countries ( in the late 1970s, he went on a world tour ) , as well as in solo and group exhibitions .

Shepard Fairey «Duality of Humanity 2 ” (2008 )
Price : $ 52,350
Sold in September 2011

American Shepard – author of the picture , which is known millions: it was he who created portraits of Barack Obama for the 2008 presidential campaign with the words «Hope» and «Change».

He was born in Charleston , South Carolina, in 1970. He began to paint on t-shirts and skateboards when I was a teenager. Today he is a recognized artist whose work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and a family man , who has two daughters. At the same time it is not arrested for making graffiti in public places .

Nick Walker «The Morning After» ( 2007 )
Price : $ 54,205
Sold in October 2008 year

Nick Walker – one of the pioneers of street art . He was born in 1969 in Bristol, UK , and was famous for having brought to the streets of this city stencil graffiti back in the 1980s. In the same city , but in the mid-1970s , as the media are writing , was born a man hiding under the pseudonym Banksy . It is therefore considered that Walker had an influence on him .

Like Banksy , this Brit has gained worldwide recognition and achieved commercial success. His work was first exhibited at the Bonhams auction in 2008 in Los Angeles. If you believe a biography on the artist’s website , followed by collectors lined up .

Adam Neath «The Apprentice» ( 2007 )
Price : $ 69,692
sold in February 2008 .

Briton Adam Nita British newspaper The Telegraph was recognized as one of themselves known street artists of our time. Neath was born in Colchester, UK in 1977 and now lives in London. It was on the streets of the British capital in 2007, his works – paintings, old cardboard, which he left in different areas – journalists noted . The artist says that during the night can create about 20 jobs. With such a productive and acquired popular with Nita has all the chances to make a fortune . Today, a street artist exhibiting in galleries .

Nick Walker «Moona Lisa» ( 2006 )
Price : $ 87,116
Sold in February 2008

a parody of the work of Leonardo da Vinci was sold at a price 10 times more expensive than the estimate. This is one of the most celebrated works of the artist. The image of the mysterious Mona Lisa Walker beat and less provocatively turned her into the heroine of “The Simpsons .” But it caused a storm of criticism from the picture battened down the skirt .

Art group Os Gemeos «O Aniversario da Meretris» ( 2008 )
Price : $ 118,171 Sold
in March 2012

Os Gemeos – are twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo from Sao Paulo. They were born in 1974. For street art craze has pushed the brothers hip -hop culture as a teenager .

Among the works of the brothers , there are scenes of family life, and political cartoons, as well as one of the distinguishing features of their style – yellow faces of heroes and characters Brazilian folklore. However , their work has appeared not only in his native Brazil Pandolfo graffiti can be found in Miami, and Europe. The brothers do not hide their faces or even agree to work to order : at the request of the Government of Sao Paulo they, for example , painted subway cars .

And in 1993, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo received diplomas of the local Institute of Arts.

Adam Neath «Suicide Bomber» ( 2007 )
Price $ 1,265,120
sold in February 2008 (Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Day Auction)

This work has gone much more expensive than the estimate ( it is made up from $ 16,000 to $ 24,100 ) . Thus «Suicide Bomber» – just one of 103 works Nita sold at auction

Banksy «Simple Intelligence Testing» \u2028 ( 2000 )
Price $ 1,265,120
sold in February 2008 (Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Day Auction)

most expensive work of Banksy sold at auction in the range of $ 300,000 to nearly $ 1.9 million more tens went under the hammer for tens of thousands of dollars. If you scroll through the list of works sold at Urban Art auction house Bonhams, then you will find that most of the rows is Banksy .

JR «Street Kid, Favela Morro da Providencia, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil “(2008 )
Price : $ 50,333
Sold in January 2011

Frenchman JR revealed only their initials . It is known that he was born in 1984 and lives in Paris, where most of his work and find (though the picture on the photo is made ​​in Brazil as part of another ” retreat ” of the project ) . JR with 17 years of experience in the style of flaypostinga , putting up black-and- white photos in large format in public places. He does not consider himself an artist , preferring to use it itself up word photograffeur ( mix graffiti artist and photographer ).

One of the most high-profile projects JR – « Face to Face” – where the artist exhibited huge photos of laughing Israelis and Palestinians in eight Palestinian and Israeli cities on both sides of the Israeli separation barrier . In his native Paris, JR famous project “Portrait of a Generation” from 2004 to 2006 he was posted to the affluent neighborhoods of the French capital photographs of young Frenchmen .