After much research and fierce debate, the largest in the world travel guide Lonely Planet , presented the 10 most favorite cities to visit in 2012. As always in the list includes well-known “gems” and a few cities, which may cause surprise.
While some of these destinations will be opened due to sporting events, while others have experienced hard times, and revived in the coming year will appear in a new light.

London, UK

London is the undisputed winner in 2012. The city will take place Summer 2012 Olympic Games and in the course of this event, the entire capital of the UK to be transformed. The eastern part of London is in the center of attention, but it is not necessary to be avoided and the rest of the capital. London – is the personification of a typical British, whether this is a square black cab or a great symbols of Britain: the mother of all parliaments of Westminster or the famous Ferris wheel London Eye . Do not miss one of the most impressive spectacles, when the Tower Bridge raises his two bascule to allow large ships to pass in all its glory.

Muscat, Oman

Oman is trying on all fronts in order to attract foreign tourists, expanding its resorts and opening new museums. Muscat is in the midst of this modernization, and the central place is occupied by numerous cultural events, luxurious places to stay, and water sports. This year, the center of attention will become the trendy shops in the prestigious suburb of Kuruma (Qurum), bazaar in the old town and water activities, which revived the coastline of the city. Residents of Muscat is truly interested in the tourists, so that when you first visit the city you will feel that you have come to an old friend.

Bangalore, India

City of Bangalore or more known as Bangalore was updated in 2006, being the undisputed leader among South Asian cities. Being a drunken a good life, the largest metropolis in South India boasts excellent cuisine, live music and art, a large number of companies related to information technologies, not to mention his motley population. There are a number of interesting attractions, favorable climate, trees, and everywhere boils youthful energy. In an attempt to cope with the endless traffic jams, the city opened a new high-speed metro, so you can quickly reach the most interesting places of the city.

Cadiz, Spain

Usually, Cadiz looks like a peaceful area of ancient Spain. But once a year the sleepy town of Cadiz is completely transformed when there is a 10-day carnival noisy with lots of drinking, singing and dancing. The locals are famous throughout Spain for his wit and during the February carnival is all you can see with my own eyes, when he was participating in incredible costumes perform satirical skits. Cadiz has been named the Ibero-American Capital of Culture 2012 years, and this is the first time a European city awarded this honor.

At Cadiz a long and fascinating history, breathtaking monuments and museums, and a pleasant place to enjoy good food and drink. However, it is the people of Cadiz – as they are called gaditanos , make this place truly special. Friendly, open, educated, independent-minded, they mostly want to spend my life with the maximum benefit.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is perfect as always. This is one of the most attractive capitals, you can not imagine being comfortable, but cosmopolitan in its own alternative and simply beautiful. The island of Södermalm (Södermalm) with its trendy designer shops and bohemian bars is one of the most attractive places in Stockholm, and state parks Yurgarden is perfect for an evening stroll. Certainly, Stockholm has always been one of the most expensive cities, but even if it will greatly facilitate your wallet, you will leave here with a sea of new impressions.

Guimaraes, Portugal

This northern Portuguese city of stunningly beautiful, being recognized by the World cultural heritage of UNESCO . However, for some inexplicable injustice, many tourists about it just do not know.

Old Town is a interweaving of medieval buildings with columns and red roofs, interspersed with impressive mansions and palaces. Now is the time to visit this city, who was named European Capital of Culture in 2012 year. Given the cultural scene and its young population, Guimaraes will become a popular center for artistic creativity throughout the year in which to gather artists from all over Europe.

Santiago, Chile

Chile emits a constant optimism that probably was the cause of numerous changes in its capital – Santiago. In the foreground is beyond culture and sport, as well as the new museum, which opened to the public recognition. Restaurants here at the highest level, and nightlife splashing over the edge. Also this year, here we are opening the tallest building on the continent – the 70-storey skyscraper Torre Gran Costanera . In summer, tourists can go on an excursion to the summit of the Andes and the slide with its snow slopes or take a trip around the vineyards, idyllic valleys of Casablanca, Maipo and Kolchagua .

Hong Kong, China

The mood in the relaxed city of China is even more determined and impatient than ever. This will be particularly interesting year for Hong Kong, as it continues its march to full democracy. Lively place full of theatrical scenes, songs, dances and poetry, reflecting the vibrant subculture of the city. Enjoy views of the skyscrapers that rise up the hill from the ferry Star Ferry , before you dive into the world of taste to market products or to think about his future in the temples of the city. Hong Kong is littered with shops, galleries and bars of Soho. You can also go to the villages, enclosed by walls, or a hike on breathtaking trails of Asia.

Orlando, USA

Orlando is one of the most popular destinations for family vacations around the world. In 2012, there will be one of the biggest sporting events in the United States – 61st All Star Weekend NBA , where celebrities are going to basketball and music, performed many concerts and parties. Most tourists tend to go to theme parks Disney World , but worth a stroll and the town itself, where the subject of the famous theme park can be seen in most restaurants and hotels.

Darwin, Australia

Once Darwin was just a border town, where the fishermen gather, dreamy hippies and truckers. Now Darwin is a triumph of the Australian Northern Territory , with its markets, restaurants and beautiful wilderness areas. Darwin greatly transformed. In District Waterfront (Waterfront Precinct) is a lot of cafes, bars and swimming pool with waves in the East Coast (East Coast) you can admire the brilliant art of the indigenous population. Darwin prevails unforgettable atmosphere. When in the southern part of Australia’s cool winters here – the blue sky, parties and sleepless nights