These ten classic trekking routes are suitable for these athletes. They all require a strong pair of lungs, legs, and a good level of preparation. However, anyone who chooses one of these routes will be richly rewarded by the experience that will stay with him for the rest of the life and become the pride to tell the children and grandchildren.

GR20, France
This people-oriented endurance of 15 days (168 km) hike through Corsica is legendary thanks to the variety of landscapes. Here the traveler can see woods, granite lunar landscapes, open winds craters, glacial lakes, streams, bogs, McKee, snow-covered peaks, plains and other natural beauty. But we must take into account the possible difficulties during the passage of the route: the trail is rocky and sometimes steep, it includes a wobbly bridges and slippery surface of the stones. Designed in 1972, the route under the code name «GR20» where you can met along the way thousands of travelers.

Inca Trail, Peru
This 33-kilometer ancient trail was built by the Incas and now is crossed by thousands of people every year. The trail leads from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu, winding up and down and around the mountains, with three high passes on the way. Views of the mountains with snow-white tops and mountain humid forest, combined with the magic of a walk from the ruins in the arms of the cliff to the next – understandably make this South American’s most famous track.

Pace Dogon (Pays Dogon), Mali
Land Dogon – one of the most exciting regions in Africa. Trekking here can last from two to 10 days, and go to the soaring cliffs Bandiagara, lined with old abandoned houses. Place is known for their dressed dancers on stilts, with intricately carved doors and the like pueblo dwellings built into the cliffs, which often meet the traveler on the road.

The camp at the foot of Mount Everest, Nepal
Reaching a height of 5.545 m, this trail, which is the duration of the passage of three weeks, extremely popular with those seeking records and wants to say one day : “I was at the foot of the world’s highest mountain!”. Difficult trail passes through beautiful landscape is undeniable. Height for this pathway in the literal sense is dizzying, until you acclimatize. And the constant mowing through the valley definitely has its pluses and minuses.

Indian Himalayas, India
Not many people walk on the Indian side of the world’s greatest mountain range. Therefore, for those looking for solitude, hiking to Himachal Pradesh, – this what you need. To further complicate the route, travelers can enjoy pedestrian walk along the top for 24 days from Spiti to Ladakh. This extremely remote and difficult walk follows the ancient trade routes. It should be noted that the harsh desert terrain at high altitude inspired Rudyard Kipling on the exclamation: “Definitely the gods lived here, there is no place for the people.”

Overland Trail (Overland Track), Australia
Wilderness Tasmania, has retained its charm of the distant prehistoric, will appear before the eyes of the traveler in all its glory during the passage of the 80-kilometer (occupying at the time about five or six days), the Overland Trail. Meanders between Mount Cradle and Lake St. Clair (the deepest, natural, freshwater lake in Australia), partially equipped with pointers to the trail goes through rocky mountains, beautiful mountain lakes, vast forests and moorland. Those who want to see more, may deviate from the basic course, turning to multiple small side trails leading to waterfalls, valleys and many more peaks, including Mount Ossa (1.617 m) – the highest in the area.

The trail Rutbern (Routeburn Track), New Zealand
Stunning, sub-alpine landscape of the South Island of New Zealand offers the traveler gaze following this three-day 32-mile trail. At the foot of the Southern Alps of New Zealand trail passes through two national parks: Fiordland and Mt Aspiring.

The Narrows, United States
26-kilometer journey through The Narrows trail in a national park – can not be compared with any of the previously mentioned. This track is unlike any other. The route is the river itself, and more than half of the campaign you will have to swim or at least wander through the swamp. Trekking can take one day, although many prefer to enjoy a longer hanging gardens and natural streams at a leisurely place of spending the night in one of 12 campgrounds of the park.

Haute Route, France-Switzerland
This route starts from Chamonix in France, passes through the southern part of the canton of Valais in Switzerland , and leads to the famous resort village of Zermatt in the same canton in Switzerland. Thus, it crosses some of the highest and most picturesque places in the Alps, available for viewing for foot traveler. Summer walk in the Haute Route (which runs a different route than the more famous winter ski trip) takes about two weeks.

Baltoro Glacier, Pakistan
This route leads to the top of the grandiose K2 (8,611 m), the second highest peak in the world. This incomparable trail crosses some of the scenery unsurpassed in the world. At the end of the route traveler comes to a granite pyramid-shaped mountains, including Paiju (6,610 m), Uli Biaho (6,417 m), Great Trango Tower (6,286 m) and finally K2 .