The five-year hog Grisha lives in the nine-in the center of Donetsk.

Grisha did not grow on meat and not to shock the neighbors, who are, incidentally, is very fond of. This pet-turned from a tiny pig, presented at the annual pig spouses in a hefty beast. “Mini-pig” was supposed to weigh no more than 20 kg. Grisha was a real Vietnamese boar and now weighs 140 kg.

Every morning and evening Grisha makes leisurely promenade along the street of Rosa Luxemburg, communicating with dogs and bypassers.

He is very smart and sociable.

The owners of the animal – Irina and Igor – clean hair brushes and Gregory dub hoof nippers.Pig prefers to sleep with Igor on the couch, face to face. “When he was no more than 20 cm, and whined and cried like a puppy, so we took him to the bed. He immediately buried his head in the pillow and began to snore. ”