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The Japanese did not want to look stupid with self-stick and created even more stupid self-hand

Japanese inventor named Mansun really wanted to be able to make high-quality self-portraits, but self-stick felt too pop. So he invented a self-hands, which looks even more idiotic than a monopod.

He even had to sew a special shirt. Fortunately, serial production of his invention is not going to happen.


Oops – hilarious mistakes

Agree, life would be boring if there were not such ridiculous, ridiculous and absurd things. Mistakes like this made us laugh ..


LAS Anse d’Argent – the most beautiful beach in the world

An unusual combination of huge boulders, green palm trees and tranquil turquoise waters make this beach the most famous in the world. The beach of Anse d’Argent LAS is on the island of La Digue, which is part of the Seychelles.


A soldier does not move during a moment of silence, even in the worst moments

In England, every year on November 11 at 11 am is national moment of silence for those who died in wars. Near the monument to the unknown soldier in London are going not only the citizens, but the royal family and the military.

Of course, the idiots in the crowd during the two minutes are talking and waving their hands in the camera. But not the military. And soldier can not move,even in the worst moment.


The insides of the intergalactic crime boss Jabba the Hutt

The re-release of the film “A New Hope” from the series “Star Wars” scene with Jabba the Hutt, the intergalactic criminal, was replaced – his character was redrawn using digital graphics. In the original edition was used complex animatronic puppet.


Clip-bun for men who want to feel fashionable even with short hair

If you’re a man and you want to be at the height of fashion, then you have to grow a beard, grow long hair, and of course to put them in the bun. But what if in order to achieve the otherworldly hipness you have not enough hair length? This will help you hairpin-bun!


Here’s what is the propaganda in the direct sense of the word

This colorful car remarked one American in a parking lot near one of the hypermarkets. This propaganda machine in reality – all painted with some slogans about the rich and the poor, Islam, Israel, and even the devil.


Pictures of celebrities with puns

Graphic designer and illustrator Justine Morrison from Sydney every Monday puts funny puns on Instagram for which is inspired by celebrities and famous characters. We suggest you take a look at some of the work and assess the imagination of the artist:

Kate Moss