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Useful house made from recycled paper

The house in these photos looks decent, able to endure rampant disaster, but in fact it is completely made of newspapers. It is noteworthy that the paper building is already 95 years old.


20 inventions of the past perfectly combine madness and ingenuity

Modern people are spoiled by tons of various inventions, the number of which increases with each passing day. Today, computers are the size of the palm, and just ten years ago we would have had to carry it in a trolley. The inventors did their best to try to make this world a better place, simplifying the life of a person, making it more comfortable. However, not all of their inventions have taken their place in the real world, because to many seemed just crazy, despite the fact that some of them are quite brilliant. We suggest you look at the 20 inventions of the past, combining genius and ingenuity.

Tea on the dashboard


When laziness goes to a higher level

We all know the feeling of laziness, and sometimes it is so strong that we do not even want to deal with it. However, the heroes of this collection surpassed all because their laziness got a whole new level.


Decorative sweaters for drones

The artist from San Francisco, Danielle Baskin sells sweaters for drones. You heard right, the little crocheted sweaters for your favorite flying machines.


The owner of this car is not afraid of accidents

During the ride in the car someone relies on his own driving experience, and someone – on dear God and the saints. This driver is not afraid of accidents, because of all saints and icons on the car.


That is why we are terrible parents “- the most absurd reasons for the children’s tantrums

Seeing the street bitterly crying child, one can assume that someone has wronged and in a very bad way. Instagram-account “Terrible Parents” shows some strange situations that can actually cause children’s tears – the parents have banned baby pour hot coffee on a dog or play with bees, forced him to wear a jacket when it’s cold (or remove it when it’s hot), or even if they invited him to play with soap bubbles. Photo of crying children published in the account, under which the author of the picture put the hashtag “Terrible Parents“.


Unusual and funny garbage bags

New Year is few days away! A festive table, fun, gifts under the Christmas tree and lots of wrapping paper, confetti, empty bottles and all that usually remains after the cheerful pastime!

Therefore, please be sure that you have the right amount of garbage bags in which you can collect all unnecessary to throw away! A garbage bags are different …


A selection of very strange photo

Looking through a selection of these strange pictures, you will surely wonder what is going on here and what these people are doing .