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Businessman gouged himself an enviable Cave House

Former 37-year-old businessman Angelo Mastropetro decided to go back to the origins of nature after doctors diagnosed him with multiple sclerosis. For eight months he turned the 800-year-old cave into the dream house.

After investing $ 150 000 he turned the cave into luxury accommodation with a heated floor, summing up sewage and even wireless internet. Living close to nature, Mastropetro hopes to get rid of his illness.


People will never understand the logic of the cat

Sometimes a cat owner seems to understand their pets inside and out. But the cat – a unique creature, able to act contrary to the laws of logic. Just because. You bought an expensive cat house with scratching posts and cozy “room”? The cat will sleep in the box next to it. And that’s just the beginning.


Luxury costumes for Halloween for children with disabilities

Magic Wheelchair – a non-profit volunteer organization that makes the lives of children with disabilities a little brighter. Three out of five children of Ryan Weimer, standing at the head of the organization, are suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, which is why they are confined to a wheelchair. Weimer, together with like-minded kids makes costumes for Halloween.


New Barbie with menstruation and sanitary napkins

Despite the fact that Barbie is almost 60 years old, the first time she had menstruation was recent. Nicholas Lamm known for the creation of Barbie with the figure of a real woman , decided to take up the delicate subject of puberty and created the Barbie doll in the style, which he called Lammily doll Period Party.

New doll Nicholas Lamm has developed with his mother Helen


Illustrator adds funny and witty cartoons to photos from Instagram

Brazilian illustrator Lucas Levitan lives in London and has a very creative mind, which he directs in the right direction, coming up with alternative stories for all that he sees. In a series of images that he calls “Photo Invasion”, he adds funny and very imaginative drawings to pictures of random users on the Instagram.


The paintings drawn by welding metal

23-year-old Dick Louth – welder and painter in one person working in the vicinity of Chicago. He paints, welds,portraits of famous characters of pop culture on pieces of metal . So he has the opportunity to earn additional income.


Chinese products – fail

Chinese – very unique kind of people, but what they really are good at, is the ingenuity and the ability to make a monstrously bad things. No, of course in China are true producers that follow the quality. Here are some examples of Chinese schlock, striking in its absurdity and laughing to tears. The harsh and ruthless logic of Chinese ..

“Why sew the entire body?”

Machine for hair washing looks absolutely safe

38-year-old craftsman Chen Gonko invented a machine to wash your hair. The device not only brings purity, but also gives the head massage. Indeed, the device looks pretty safe. What can go wrong when the water flows is close to the electric cables?